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creminelli finocchio salame

creminelli finocchio salame

creminelli Finocchio Salame is a type of artisan salami made by Creminelli Fine Meats that has the additional flavoring of the herb finocchio (fennel). Some key details:Creminelli is an acclaimed producer of premium artisan salami and charcuterie, based in Utah.Their Finocchio Salame is made from a blend of pork and beef, seasoned with fennel seed. This gives it a distinctive licorice-anise aroma.In addition to the fennel spice, ingredients include kosher salt, dextrose, spices, and an all-natural starter culture.The salami dough is slow-fermented and then naturally air-dried resulting in a firm texture.The salame has bold fennel and garlic notes mingled with subtle smoke. Slightly sweet meets savory.It's a semi-dry Italian-style salame, made using Old World techniques adapted by Creminelli.Best sliced thin and enjoyed as part of an antipasto spread, charcuterie board, pizza topping, sandwiches, etc.

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